Your Best 11 Ever

The Title say's it all really. End of season can be a little slow, so how about a little D-scussion :)

Any Team. Any Era. Any Formation. (Hell you could pick a 1-1-8 if it so damm pleases you) if you really want, pick a bench and a manager.  My team is after the jump. Just as a note, I have used players more from my life time (with one or two exceptions), as I have seen them play, and know what positions I would like them in.

Keeper - Peter Schmeichael (Apoligies to the big dane for the spelling). Do I really need to justify this pick on a United forum?? Massive stature behind the back four. Great shot stopper, fantastic 1 on ones. Ideal

RB - Really struggled to find a RB. Prehaps there is an obvious choice that is just slipping my mind. In the end I plumped for Dani Alves. Another very fast player, nota shabby defender but lethal when going forward.

LB - Roberto Carlos - Rapid..... Great attacking. Can hit a free kick (I think it was against France when he scored that fantastic swerving effort with the outside of his foot) And not excatly the worst defensivley either

CB - Bobby Moore - A fantastic reader of the game defensively. A man of principle. A born leader. And as an Englishman, it would be a crime not to put him in :)

CB - Paulo Maldini - What a player. Played mostly at Centre back, but in later years, switched to LB. Played into his 40's for AC Milan and his level of play did not drop as age went by. A player SAF coveted but never got his hands on.

DM - Franz Beckenbeur - The Kaiser. Another Defensive genius. Can play just in front of the defence and his distribution was so good, that he can link defence and attack.

CAM - Zinidene Zidane - Such a graceful player. A master at dead balls. He had the ball under his spell in possesion. Can dribble around you, or play a pass. Fantastic Vision.The skills in his locker are deep.

CAM - Zico - The Brazilian playmaker had an amazing goal scoring record for his country. Great dead ball player

LW - Ronaldinho - How many Barcalona players get a standing ovation at the Santiago Bernabeu? He did for an outstanding performance in his prime against Real. He tore them apart. His dribbiling skill set is one of the best to grace the beautiful game. And he sure knew how to play beautifuly.

STK - Ronaldo - The Brazilian, record goal scorer for his country (unless im mistaken) is IMO the best finisher the game has produced. Pace, Power and prescision. Lethal. On his day one of the greatest.

RW - Lionel Messi - The best player to play the game. Certainly in my lifetime. As small as he is, it is an impossible task to knock him off the ball. Fantastic finisher one on one. His goal scoring record is sensational. But he is so much more than that. His first touch, his short passing, off the ball movement. He is a defender's nightmare.

Manager - Fergie


Before anyone say's how could you leave out Pele and Maradona. I will just say that I base this on how much I have seen of the players, and of course personal preference. It is such a subjective discussion anyway.

Cheers for reading

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