Messi or beckham ? yes you read it correctly

firstly i would like to start off by saying i haven't lost my marbles just yet and i'm not asking who is the better player as i know most of you will slaughter me for even trying to make a comparrision between the two .

i was having a conversation at work today with another united fan and we got to talking about the different levels of world class players . we both come up with the conclusion that there are two types

1 world class players : charlton , van basten , platini and many many more

but them we came up with the next level of player we both classed as

2 geniuses : best , cryuff, maradona and pele

we discussed the reasons what made a player a genius and we agreed that it is a player that changes the way people see how football could be played . i think best , cryuff, maradona and pele all fall into that catagory but we were struggling to come to an agreement on where messi and beckham would be placed . i voted both were world class but beckham came close to the genius catagory because he was the first player i really remember who made crossing so deadly that it was easier for a forward to score than miss , or to make a defender score an O G because of the quality of his crossing ability , not to mention his deadly free kicks . he didn't use pace to beat a player and only needed the mimumin amount of space from a defender to whip in balls that even my gran could have scored .

i also stated i'd rather have beckham on my team for the very same reason . he said he would rather have messi on his team and we argued some more for our chosen players and finished our chat by saying

it depends if you would rater build your team around peyon manning ( beckham ) or adrian peterson ( messi) and
we both accepted we hade different views on how to build our team .

i'm writing this just to ask the very fair minded fans on The Busby Babes are they more of a manning ( beckham) creating the chances are the way to build a team or if they would rather an adrian peterson ( messi) no need for creating chances just give me the ball and i'll score .

feel free to post below some comments on the subject

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