Premier League Predictions

I usually don't like getting into the crystal ball and making predictions, but since it's so tempting, might as well take a hack at it. I think this will be an exciting season like the last one, with good competition between the clubs ranked 1-10, and some surprises as the relegation table. I see some big-name clubs (cough Chelsea cough) moving down while some moving up, but overall, here's how I see 'em.

1. Manchester United

2. Manchester City

3. Arsenal

4. Chelsea

5. Everton

6. Liverpool

7. Tottenham

8. Aston Villa

9. Sunderland

10. Fulham

11. Newcastle

12. Bolton

13. Wigan Athletic

14. Stoke City

15. West Bromwich Albion

16. Queens Park Rangers

17. Norwich City

18. Wolves

19. Blackburn

20. Swansea City

Leading Scorer: Darren Bent (will somehow stay with Aston Villa with 19 goals)

First Manager Sacked: Steve Kean (sacked at Blackburn after 5 poor games)

PFA Player of the Year: Nani (another great season at Man U)

PFA Young Player of the Year: Danny Welbeck (will supplant Berba halfway through the season and get chances with Chicarito's concussion at Man U)

Manager of the Year: Sir Alex Ferguson (who elese, Man U!!!)

Barclays Golden Glove: Joe Hart (good season as he almost leads his team to winning the Premier League)

Barclays Player of the Season: Nani (once again, I expect big things from him this season)

Carling Cup winners: Everton

FA Cup winners: Manchester United

Leicester City wins the Npower Championship, Blackpool finishes second, and West Ham United wins the playoff final. All three are promoted to the Premier League for 2012-13.

David De Gea will NOT start the season as Manchester United's starting goalkeeper, however will finish the season as the No. 1, being solid but unspectacular.

Bonus: Manchester United will lose to Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals. Barcelona will defeat Real Madrid in an all-Spanish CL final.

Some bold predictions out there, but it's truly what I believe will happen. Another good season for SAF and United, as they extend their dominance in England once again, but fall short in Europe. Now hack at the predictions in the comments! 

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