Could this be Fergie's most important (double) transfer ever!

Whilst I think that Fergie has earned the right to call time on his reign whenever he deems it right it feels a bit like he wouldn't want to let go unless he feels the club can go forwards without him at the helm and we are not in that position at present, so once again we find ourselves at a crossroads this summer. There have been quite a few crossroads during Fergie's stewardship, but with the flood of money going into some other clubs and the dominance of Spanish sides in particular in Europe it feels like crunch time really is approaching. We risk losing our remaining top stars unless we can move forward, not sideways or backwards as we have been doing for a few years now.
Obviously our star man on the field is Rooney, but we have some other potentially excellent players - Nani, Valencia, Young, De Gea, Vidic, Evra, and also a bunch of promising youngsters. Not all will make the grade but there is some talent there, along with a few that need to be moved on really.

What our main man Rooney needs, and craves, is someone to really connect with, and that man is Ronaldo. It's crystal clear, and proven! These two live on a different wavelength to everyone else. Some of their link up play before Ronaldo headed off to fulfil his boyhood dream was truly outstanding and I can't think of a better pairing I have ever seen, and that was when Ronaldo was a winger. I think they both miss each other. A front two of Rooney and Ronaldo, now both are at their peak, would surely be devastating. You could just tell they loved playing off each other, each finally having someone they could rely on to know what the other was doing and thinking. Previously I thought there would be more chance of Rooney moving to Real than of Ronaldo coming back 'home', particularly when Rooney was talking about lack of ambition and moving on - My thoughts were that he wanted to hook up with Ronnie again at Real. But if, just if, Ronaldo had another reason to come back to Old Trafford where he will always be adored like Rooney, could it actually happen?

That reason being Mourinho. When he first came to Chelsea I thought he was a proper tw@t to be honest (It too quite some time to let go of that offside goal that Porto had that knocked us out of Europe the year he won it) but credit where credit is due - He has delivered fantastic results everywhere he has managed and I quite like his 'one in the eye for you' approach as it does not seem that far from Fergie's own style. He and Fergie go back quite a long way now and have enormous respect for each other, and like Fergie he seems to have very good man management skills. He likes the seige mentality which Fergie has also used a lot over the years and he commands the respect of his players (or they're off - again, like Fergie).

Fergie is old skool and his achievement of being able to stay up at the top of the game for 25 years whilst football has eveolved and developed beyond recognition is quite incredible and will never be matched. Because he has delivered he has always had the board's backing, which is probably something Mourinho would love also. Mourinho is the modern version of Fergie and I can only really fault him on one thing and that is he is happy to use, or even encourages, a win nasty approach. Tweak that to win beautifully and it is the complete package. That said I would take winning nasty over not winning!

To win Ronaldo over at Real Madrid after insulting him by calling him uneducated when managing Chelski must have taken a bit of doing. I appreciate the comment was part of the mind games both he and Fergie like to use, but again it is the management skills and the mutual respect that has probably sorted it.

Fergie has done his job - a great man manager - holding Rooney and Ronaldo together after the World cup winker incident for one, holding on to Rooney when he wanted out, persuading Ronaldo to give one more year when he was waiting to move to RM. Fergie has won 2 UCLs with Utd but let's be honest - both of those could be considered somewhat fortuitous. We're just not quite there in Europe and this is one area where Mourinho could surpass Fergie. Mourinho would love it at Utd. It is already in his heart and head and he hasn't even got the job yet.
I think Fergie being the man he is, and always having the interests of Utd in his soul, would gladly step aside to put this into place, particularly if he stayed on in some capacity at the club. Mentor would be the wrong term but there are still things that Mourinho could learn from Fergie, and he would happily do so I feel as he is always hungry to learn more from those he respects.

So how about next year we see Mourinho in the dugout with Fergie and Charlton nodding approvingly from the directors box (or Fergie even in the dugout with the Special one) whilst their boys Roooney and Ronaldo annihaliate all comers. what a dynasty, what a family, a group of diverse but supremely talented men all with the utmost respect for each other, and all truly united in one cause that runs through their heart - United!
As a bonus should this scenario ever happen I feel Man U would have no problem attracting almost any player in the world they wanted. The only thing remaining would be to find the last piece of the jigsaw - a like for like replacement for Roy Keane! It's a shame but I'm not sure one exists. But if he did come along you could bet your bottom dollar he would want to be part of this magic.

This is in no way a dig at Fergie, but with Mourinho's situation at RM and Man U a team once again in transition with direction undetermined it just feels like there might not be a better time to do it before another clubs picks him up. What do you think?


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