Nike released new national team home shirt


Nike Team has released a new version of world football teams shirt, 5 countries including Croatia, and France and the Netherlands, and Poland and Portugal. These national teams will be wearing new clothes to participate in Europe's biggest soccer event to be held this summer-the European Cup. As the Nike "sportswear" part of Nike for each national teams at the same time providing the Nike Pro Combat skin suits with national characteristics, physical and technical abilities in today's demanding soccer, Nike Pro Combat can provide more protection and comfort for the players. Nike shoes include Nike running shoes, Nike basketball shoes use these technology.

Each team's new shirt at the same time equipped with a full set of training equipment, apparel and fan-oriented life, let them outside the stadium can also express support for the team. Adhering to the Nike's high performance and low environmental hazards purpose, every pair of shorts are made from recycled polyester fibers 100%; can be recycled in the shirt making fabrics with polyester fiber and 96%. Each shirt by using materials from the 13 plastic bottles. New shirt by NIKE Dri-FIT sweat technique, and compared to the old style, fabric weight 23%, braided strength increases 20%. New Jersey has a unique design of the laser-cut ventilation holes to increase the effect of local air, helps regulate the players body temperature at the game. Each shirt inspired by the appearance of each country's unique cultural identity and football culture. Inspiration of rich detail on the shirt and shorts, embodies the history and traditions of the team.

NIKE PRO COMBAT Slinky underwear series showing the national characteristics of movement, including the Nike Pro Combat Hypercool 2, through the specially designed sweat-absorbing fabrics, it can help athletes stay cool and comfortable. During cold weather, Thermal Mock sweater high neck design and unique fiber mass, heat generated during exercise can be reflected back to the surface, at the same time out of the sweat, achieve the keep warm function. Men's Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong tight shorts, also providing all-round protection for players. Movement of cover design of waist and thighs, and breathable mesh fabric of high temperature zone, it gives players confidence in the tackle. Training and sports life series

In addition to new racing suit, Nike has introduced a complete range of training for each national team clothing and sports life. On the training ground, a variety of innovative training clothing will make the player remains in the best State in different weather conditions. Fans also can wear a new set of pullovers, sports shirt, t-shirts, medical clothes, hats, jackets and Rugby t-shirt, to express their feelings of pride, paying tribute to their team culture. These costumes are made of national classic colors and elements, and uses high quality fabrics and superb technology, enthusiastic fan support and relatively subtle expression on the team, provides the different options.

Poland .New Poland shirt in December 2011 has been published this summer by Poland and Ukraine jointly hosted the European Cup it will no doubt be the Centre of attention of millions. Style of the fans to see it. New shirt design inspiration from Poland flag--Poland's most popular and most respected national symbol. The Jersey reflects Poland most iconic symbol, red and white colors of the national flag. New Jersey led the entire Poland witnessed its most important moments in the history of football, so the Jersey many years later must still be fans in mind. This shirt also reflected Poland's national symbols-the representative of Poland Eagles football glory and passion.



Croatia. Croatia national team home shirt is unique important emotional symbol of the young nation. New shirt followed Croatia famous red and white Plaid design. In addition, the shirt red sailor collar, body area is much larger and more rough lines of red and white squares, accompanied by relatively small lattice design on the sleeve, making Jersey color of the overall design more dazzling. Collar inside the text "Uvijek Vjerni" meaning "faithful forever", to commemorate the Croatia national team of the people's loyalty and love. New home qiuku is white. With white, and with a light grid-patterned stockings, for improved cushioning comfort better.


France. New France national team home shirt the traditional blue and white design was bold innovation, inspired by France's military uniform. Jersey subject to France sailor suits the tone of the iconic design, from traditional France national team Jersey with Meteor blue and shallow in the Pacific Blue pinstriped composed of two colors. High collar of shirt unique design, matching gold stripes, design inspiration also from the uniform collars. Cuff as a symbol of France of hexagons, and three Golden hue, and France's tricolor flag contrast. Inside the collar back on red fine stripe "Nos differences nous unissent" (differences), showing France cultural diversity.


Netherlands. In addition to the opening and full appreciation of football, Netherlands also due to its proud art that does not stick to the traditional design styles. Their artistic sense of style with great impact and an unruly wild always managed to achieve different effects. Home jerseys for the traditional Netherlands bright orange. Jersey left chest and bottom right of the dark diamond pattern waist effect, which suggests to the 1904 Netherlands national team jerseys in the first paragraph of the history of design. Inside the collar "Nieuwe Meesters" (new generation masters) type, in the 17th century Netherlands tribute to great artists at the same time, also encourages this support consists of many talented players of the team, to create their own history. Qiuku of the new arena for the traditional orange. Socks with orange ball, because of its improved cushioning, provide more comfortable protection for players in the sport.


Portugal. New Portugal home shirt is printed on a symbol of Portugal brilliant symbol of maritime history, highlighting its importance. New Portugal home shirt for the classic design style, Jersey Red, the Green crew neck collar is elegant. Printed with fine stripes on the sleeves of the Green Cross, toyoko line around the entire cuff represents the respectable Portugal national symbols, and Portugal when explorers sailing sails decorated coat pattern analogous to.

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