Everton chairman warns off David Moyes from making a raid on his former club

Ross Kinnaird

Everton would likely charge a premium if Manchester United were to buy Leighton Baines.

Everton chairman Bill Kenwright has sent warning that none of Everton's players are available for sale to David Moyes and Manchester United. Kenwright has acknowledged, though, that one player -- Marouane Fellaini -- has a release clause. Here's what the chairman recently had to say on the matter:

"I'm not Dave Whelan. I've not said to David [Moyes]: ‘David, come on.' I've said exactly the opposite. I've said to David: ‘We all know the situation at Everton. We all know there's a player who's got an escape clause, but the others are not for sale."

- Kenwright

Whelan -- the chairman for the recently relegated Wigan Athletic -- has let it be known that he'd be okay with Roberto Martinez -- the former Wigan manager and the newly appointed Everton boss -- taking with him some of his former players. This is understandable because of the warm relationship between the two, but more importantly, because some of Wigan's players might not be keen on spending a season (or longer) in the Championship. Kenwright's stance against Moyes taking any Everton players with him to United is also understandable because Everton are in the Premier League and they'll be aiming for a European spot next season.

Here's the main takeaways from this all, though, from a Manchester United perspective:

* Everton are powerless if another club triggers Fellaini's release clause -- something Arsenal reportedly have already done -- and if the player agrees to a move. The ball is in United's and Fellaini's court, and not Everton's, on any potential move for the Belgian.

* If United and Moyes are interested in any other Everton players, they'll likely have to pay a premium. The Toffees aren't a club that could turn down an extraordinary bid for one of their players because of their financial constraints. However, a possible sale of Fellaini combined with the Premier League's new TV contracts would put Everton in a healthier financial state than they have been in for a long time. Therefore, they could drive a hard bargain.

* Besides Fellaini, the only other Everton player United could feasibly come for is Leighton Baines. He probably could be had for the right price, but it might be higher than they're willing to pay for the reasons just mentioned. And no, a move for Phil Jagielka makes no sense whatsoever.

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