Open Letter To David Moyes & Man-United Hierarchy from a KENYAN fan.


I really hope this letter reaches you in time :

Key points:

· Manchester United need to change their play

· Manchester United Hierarchy should stop making clouded decisions. Fire the Scot if they are looking for the future

· As much as the Glazers are impressed about the sponsorship deals and Tv deals, they need to be overly concerned about the STATUS of the club In the Pitch

· The THEATRE OF DREAMS has now been a hall of nightmares, broken dreams and broken records(For the worse that is)

Most Long distance relationships do not work out and now that is really beginning to sink in. I have been in a FAITHFUL and Honest relationship with Manchester United Fan ever since I discovered how to kick a ball but now it’s beginning to take a toll. I’m sorry MOYES it’s not ME, it’s YOU!

There’s no question that you’re a decent and hardworking lad who has the backing of the MANCHESTER UNITED HIERACHY for the ‘FUTURE’ of the club but despite all that, our PRESENT has all been but a sinking ship.

Many people have to take the blame in the disgusting and embarrassing form that the former Lion of Manchester which has now turned into a sweet PUSSY CAT meowing down the table. Your predecessor as great and mighty as he is; is also to blame for he dumped a bunch of misfits and low quality and low confidence players in your hands. Despite all that, he still managed to win titles with these players, didn’t he?


We are in a different kind of generation of football. Gone are the days when football was all about crosses and single stints of individual brilliance. Look at Liverpool, as much as they are our biggest rivals, look at their football. Simply brilliant don’t you think?! Their manager Brendan Rogers has been able to bring about tactical brilliance and make players like JORDAN HENDERSON feel like Messi among our midfield players. It is about time that Manchester United change the way they play their football. We might as well buy TEN or so Players but that wouldn’t help. Not by a long shot. I mean, look at Tottenham. So until we change the way that we play football, we are just pissing into the wind.


In relation to the change in play, formation comes hand in hand with that. It’s about time you be creative with the formation and EVOLVE from the ordinary, predictable formation of 4-4-2 that we have been playing for decades.

As for the lineups. I don’t know why am always surprised by decisions you make but I really don’t get it. We win a game, next game you have different players. This experimenting of yours is really messing up the laboratory DEXTER.

As if that’s not enough, you still don’t know how to use players. Mata for example, a good signing I admit is a number 10. Not wide right or wide left or whatever kind of experimenting you feel. Same applies to SHINJI KAGAWA a previous top scorer in the German side but was wasted. Made to play flanks or what have you.

Honestly you are clueless, and the song of "we need more time to jell has now become a sob story. Just like our disastrous run. Why hasn't it taken Pellegrini or Mourinho 30 odd games to "find their feet?"


"We aspire to be more like Manchester City". I might have misquoted you but the message was all the same. As in Really Dude?

Calling for Man United to be more like City proves David Moyes simply doesn't understand the club. Perhaps the most damning indictment of United’s performance against City was that it was such a routine victory for the visitors


The fans’ frustration towards Moyes is starting to deflect on to the man who chose the Everton boss as his successor nine months ago. If United decide to wield the axe now, would Ferguson feel obliged to leave the directors’ box and take the reins on a temporary basis, just as Sir Matt Busby did after WilfMcGuinness’ ill-fated tenure in 1970?

MCFC 4-1 MUFC CFC 3-1 MUFC MUFC 0-3 LFC MUFC 0-3 MCFC Look at it! They're a laughing stock. And Sir Bobby Charlton says the man is safe!?

Sir Alex As much as a great man he is left David Moyes out to dry. Ferguson wanted his Era to end with him and just him. He knew that the squad he had was a potential RELEGATION squad and the signings he got before he left were temporary signings that would just ensure he leaves at his peak. Look at Van persie, how long do you think the lad will last. When he wasn’t in the game against WESTHAM you could see Rooney’s full potential and him not playing too deep as he is usually employed to by Moyes. As tireless and hardworking as he is, he really can’t pull that off 90 minutes a number of games consecutively.

As for the Glazers, so I hear the CHEVROLET deal has gone through and the club will make millions. But all that will be in vain if the status of the team in the pitch deteriorates and the ticket returns dwindle. Fire the Scot already if you really are concerned about the future of the club.

I read an article which stated that MAN UNITED needs a SHEIKH. Let’s face it football has transitioned drastically and it’s all about individual brilliance in all team members. Rooney can’t do it alone as much as superb as he is.


We have a lot of dead weight in the team. Enough said.

The next game we have is BAYERN MUNICH who have won the league.ALREADY.IN MARCH. God help us.



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