From Chosen one to Wrong one: David Moyes downfall

May 9 2013, Old Tradfford welcomes David Moyes, entitled the chosen one the fans, expectations running high, he but ten months later the guy was gone. Moyesie was chosen by Sir Alex and wants given a 6 year contract that showed the trust of the hierarchy in him. He had the baggage with a relatively ten successful years at Everton bringing European football at Goodison Park yet that was it. The so called chosen one said he will win it all on both local and European scene. Well at least it started well with the community shield. Lets see the downfall of Moyesie in 5 steps.

1.0 Backroom Staff

Mike Phelan, Rene Mulsteen and Eric Steele, these three were Fergie’s most important and trusted members of the backroom staff and still they have been given the boot by Moyes. The three of them knows the club with Rene who took part of all the different level within the team name it, academy he was there, u19 he was there again. Once they were gone there has been a lost in the philosophy and identity of Manchester United. Inexperienced Phil Neville, Ryan Giggs and Steve Round did never really have a chance to replace them.

2.0 The transfer window debacle

Well, Ed Woodward does have to take a part of the blame in it. How could someone keep chasing a player that would not join United. Cesc Fabregas kept refusing to deal and still no other alternatives were chosen except Felaini. He was a last minute panic-gamble buy that would backfire within the next few weeks. Ander Hererra episode was another example of level of non-professionalism of the management. Having crooks to deal for your place and still believing to sign him off. Finally, fringe players that should have been given the boot were not even transfer listed. Anderson, Nani, Fabio, Macheda and yes his favourite Ashley young should have been off well before the season. Some of them did not perform any good since 2009. The January transfer window was another example of how poor the recruiting team was. With Vidic leaving for Inter and a useless midfield mechanic, a proven central defender, a defensive or holding midfielder and a creative one was needed. Mata is a fine player but what would he contribute to united. Rooney is always playing as a number 10, and during several games they have both tried to be playing within the same areas of the pitch. United need someone who would sit deep and unleash the forwards or wingers. The defence has been lamentable this season. There can’t be any excuse for that so they should have tried to sign at least someone that would cover the position. Finally, Moyes kept scouting players and in most cases, he did not make any move. He went about 9 times to scout William Carvalho, he could have signed him instead and as sporting was not in Europe, he would have been aligible to play in the champions league.

3.0 Wayne Rooney

Sir Alex would always say "No player is more important than the club". Wayne is definitely my favorite United player. I grew up seeing him running up and down the pitch, scoring, moaning and even sacrificing for the team. Then came October 2010, the lad wanted off then sign a news contract. Fair enough, mistakes do happen but do it again last season that’s unforgiveable. He took the club in ransom throughout the summer, had contacts with Chelsea and still Moyes made him his favorite at the club. Rumors that senior players were unhappy the treatment of Rooney showed when they played Swansea on the opening day. I do not doubt Rooney’s commitment to the club (with 300 k a week) I would do so.

4.0 Treatment of Players

He never trusted Kagawa did he?. The way he treated some players has really affected the confidence of the team, players such as Carrick, Rio and of Course Giggsy shown the lack of respect towards the seniors within the staff. Rafael and Zaha were some of the youngsters who felt the wrath of the coach. The latter alongside lindgard were impressive during pre-season yet they were not given the chance during the season. Kagawa, the guy who tore Bayern apart during a cup final was only a squad rotation player and too often played out-position when he was given the nod. Valencia was disappointing during the first half of the season but still he was way better than Ashley Young whose presence in the United team was not understandable. Other players suffered under Moyes, Cleverley is such an example. During a first season that was marred with injury and last season whereby though some would disagree, he did play some beautiful football. Well this year, he made leon Osman look like Pele or Zidane. Was it a confidence blow??. Robin Van Persie, the guy who literally won us or 20th title is another player who was not happy with the way Moyes treated his staff. He was not happy with the way training routine was done and he was right. Moyes came to take charge of the Champions of England and made them the laughing stock of the country. His emphasis on outdated method meant that players were more spent physically and injury prone. Van Persie missed most of this season due to ‘set-backs’ caused by the training. The way these players were spent on the field could be demonstrated by some results. Last minute goals against united due to the lack of freshness and focus, Against Everton at Goodison yet another display of how fresh they looked like and how united was useless. We had a 10 days break not them but still managed to keep grasping for air during the game or was it because the whole team was already fed up by these methods.

5.0 Tactics

Being a United fan, it hurts seeing teams such as Stoke, WBA and Swansea win against United. We are born winners, we grew winners still being not only defeated but humiliated by lower teams is painful. The success of the Merseyside does not help at all. How many times, did we see Rooney playing as a defensive midfielder, seeing a clueless Cleverley on the pitch. Ashley Young who can only dive and run on the pitch. The substitions, the cautious approach that is simply not MANCHESTER UNITED. We play with pride, we tear teams apart, we are the comeback kings. Our philosophy is a fast play, counter attack and attack but now it’s a horror to see that our identity is gone. The amount of possession we had against Everton and still had only two shot on targets, his silly playbook. The number of times off goes Rafael and drop Valencia to the back and guess what we concede late goals. It was the case in the cup, the case against everton at the OT. Again Playing Ashley Young instead of Valencia or Welbeck. This was getting ridiculous. The Man was simply out of his depth. It was like ibrahimovic would say, you’ve got a Ferrari and drive it as a fiat.

6.0 North West Misery

Though I believe the writings were on the wall after the game against Liverpool, our performance against our neighbors was simply horrendous. Conceded 4 at the Etihad and a further 3 at the OT, gave away three penalties against Liverpool and being tore apart by everton. The man was simply not good enough and though I respect Moyes for his honesty and dedication to the club, he was really the wrong one.

Author: Nabiil Ali

Die Hard United Fan


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