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Jesper Olsen

Jesper Olse in action for United.
Jesper Olse in action for United.

Today we look at Jesper Olsen as our player of the day. Olsen played for United in the mid 1980s after joining the club from Ajax. The Dane was a key part of United's 1985 FA Cup victory but never quite lived up to his talent while at United. He was forced to retire due to injury but is now helping to manage an A-League team in Australia. He had a recent health scare as well so it is nice to be able to bring you Jesper Olsen as the Player of the Day on this open thread knowing that he is now in good health once again. There are several great articles on the web about Olsen including this one that I found interesting. He wasn't an all time great and never really made a mark in England but he was one of the first foreign imports to grace the Old Trafford turf and make a mark for United.


Question. If you have the ability to play for United but could only play one match in the first team, and you had to pick the match before the season started, which match would you pick?