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Brian Kidd

A local kid, from Collyhurst in Manchester, Kidd arguably had more of an impact as a coach than as a player. Kiddo made 257 appearances for United and scored 70 times. He was a part of the team that won the 1968 European Cup. In fact he scored one of the goals in extra time to clinch the trophy. But it was his time beside Fergie that helped define the club in the new era. Will anyone forget the contribution Kiddo made to developing the players who made up Fergie's Fledglings? I hope not. BK was instrumental in building the team that reeled off league title after league title and even though he left for Blackburn in 1998/99 he was still a factor that helped bring home the treble.


Plus who can forget that moment in 1993 when United were about to clinch the first Premier League and Kiddo was on the pitch on his knees to celebrate? Great stuff. The only thing that kind of taints Kiddo is the time he has spent at City as a player and now as a coach. But I think we have to forgive him for that because of what he has done for our club.


Brian Kidd - Homegrown Hero (via ziggystardust405)