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From the Back Pages: 10/16/2010 Gameday Edition!

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Peter Odemwingie won't be playing today for the Baggies
Peter Odemwingie won't be playing today for the Baggies



"We have already dropped too many points. We’ve given people the opportunity to criticise us, and that’s our fault.

"We need to recognise that. It’s okay not to lose, but I’m a United player and I want to win trophies. We can win trophies again this year, but we need to show that and make sure there are no more dramatic games."

- Patrice Evra ( | Sun )


"I pick the team and I have been doing that for a while. Unfortunately we're having some difficulties at the moment with the doctor in Colorado making inaccurate comments. It's not fair to the player, to the fans and to ourselves to say the player is going to be playing. It's ridiculous. It's a small interference that has caused a bit of confusion. But Owen is not available for West Brom. He's injured and has missed training for the last few days."  - Sir Alex Ferguson ( Guardian | Daily Mail | Sun )


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