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I'm going to drop all the Wayne Rooney links into a single post tonight. As you read through the headlines, try to remember that a lot of this is just hearsay, conjecture and off-the-record type quotes from "unnamed" or "anonymous" officials. That doesn't mean there's isn't some truth in all of this, but try to remember there's been nothing substantial said from the club other than:

"To suggest Wayne Rooney will be sold in January is nonsense" - A club spokesman ( Sky )


Hey look...another unnamed source with a pretty generic phrase. In the interest of full disclosure, for those of you that read my From the Back Pages from yesterday, the first set of links (More reports that Rooney rejected a new contract and wants to leave) were later in the day and all referencing a story in the Sunday Mirror (that I missed, bad) which is pretty much what Roy Greenslade at The Guardian says. The second set of links (United deny claims that Rooney is leaving) were then referring to the Mirror from my end it appeared that United got out ahead of the story.

However, like I said, it's all hearsay and conjecture. Take a look:

  • The original Guardian article that got it's own post: "Rooney's decision is based on serious differences with Sir Alex Ferguson, the Guardian understands..." Then: "The full details are not yet clear..." Followed by: "What has not been established..." And then: "but the Guardian has been informed..." And finally: " ...Ferguson's views on the subject are not clear..."
  • Manchester Evening News: "But MEN Sport understands..."
  • Yahoo!: "But Press Association Sport understands..."
  • ESPN: "Wayne Rooney is set for a sensational departure from Manchester United, if widespread reports in the British media are to be believed...It is said that well-placed United sources are suggesting..."
  • The Independent: "...though it is understood that he has told friends..."
  • The Daily Mail: "But Sportsmail understands..."
  • Daily Star: "...but it is understood..."
  • The Mirror: "...Sir Alex is said..." and "A source said..."
  • Metro: "Their working relationship is said to have broken down..." and "Real Madrid and Barcelona are both believed to be keen, but City are also said to be interested..." as well as: "An Old Trafford insider said..."

Take from all that what you will. This is exactly why I'm taking it all with a grain of salt. Keep your eyes open for just such statements in these links as well.

While I just pointed out how none of these statements are exactly damning, I should also mention that there's sometimes truth when everyone is reporting it.

I'm posting this at 9 am Manchester time, 1 am local. I can guarantee that within the next couple of hours Manchester United will drop a press release addressing the subject and dodging it at the same time and if the subject is broached at the required UEFA press conference later today, Sir Alex will say something along the lines of, "The club has released a statement and I have nothing to comment further than that." and cut off any further questioning.

I'm caught up in this narrative as much as anybody...Wayne Rooney is one of my favorite players and I hope things work out and he stays and we win a bunch of silverware. But I would imagine that in the next few days we're either going to see everything blow up or iced over. This cannot continue for United to have any chance at contending for the aforementioned prizes. This kind of sideshow and (possible) rift between the gaffer and his best (albeit slumping) player will divide a team.

On to tonight's Rooney links (in no particular order):


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Telegraph: Wayne Rooney's Manchester United future: all today's news and reaction They liveblogged the day.
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Telegraph: Wayne Rooney's future in the hands of former vacuum cleaner salesman Paul Stretford
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Telegraph: Wayne Rooney's departure from Manchester United is nightmare scenario for Glazers
Manchester Evening News: Rooney must look at himself, insists Khan
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Daily Mail: Wayne Rooney's United career in jeopardy: Rift with Sir Alex widens after striker is made to sit on bench
Daily Mail: I won't carry United again! Wantaway Wayne Rooney seeks Old Trafford exit over club's lack of ambition


Guardian: Steve Bruce backs Sir Alex Ferguson's handling of Wayne Rooney
Telegraph: Wayne Rooney is too young to appreciate Sir Alex Ferguson's methods, says Steve Bruce
Daily Mail: Sir Alex Ferguson is just protecting Wayne Rooney! Steve Bruce insists Manchester United boss knows what he's doing


Sky Sports: Keane offers Rooney advice
Guardian: Roy Keane backs Wayne Rooney over dispute with Manchester United
The Sun: Roy Keane: Wayne Rooney must look after number one
Daily Mail: Manchester United legend Roy Keane tells wantaway Wayne Rooney: Make sure you look after No 1


Guardian: Where next for Wayne Rooney? Six contenders for his signature
Daily Mail: So, where next for wantaway Wayne? Sportsmail looks at where Rooney will end up once he leaves Manchester United
Daily Mail: Why the numbers add up to Wayne Rooney's Manchester United exit
Telegraph: Wayne Rooney's uncertain future: who could sign Manchester United striker?


Sky Sports: Carlo keeps Rooney counsel
BBC: Carlo Ancelotti dodges questions about Wayne Rooney
The Sun: Carlo Ancelotti opens door to Wayne Rooney transfer stunner
Telegraph: Chelsea confirm interest in signing Wayne Rooney if he leaves Manchester United


Sky Sports: Wenger - Rooney will stay
Sky Sports: Wenger ignores Rooney issue
The Sun: Arsene Wenger says Manchester United will finish second with or without Wayne Rooney
Telegraph: Arsene Wenger: Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson will keep Wayne Rooney
Daily Mail: Manchester United have the power to keep Wayne Rooney, says Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger


Guardian: Manchester United in shock as Wayne Rooney targets move to City
Telegraph: Manchester United play hardball with Wayne Rooney as Manchester City wait in wings
Daily Mail: Yes, I'd join Manchester City! Wayne Rooney tells his Manchester United rivals he'll consider move to bitter rivals


Sky Sports: Real refute Rooney rumours
Guardian: Real Madrid question whether there is room for Wayne Rooney
Sky Sports: Jose expects Rooney to stay
The Sun: Jose Mourinho says Alex Ferguson will win Wayne Rooney battle
Telegraph: Mourinho expects Rooney to stay at United
Telegraph: Jose Mourinho: Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson can retain Wayne Rooney
Manchester Evening News: Valdano happy with Real Madrid strike force
Daily Mail: Wayne Rooney will be tempted to stay at Manchester United by the 'big man' Sir Alex Ferguson, claims Jose Mourinho


The Guardian: Paul Hayward: Wayne Rooney's flounce is Sir Alex Ferguson's greatest power struggle
The Guardian: Barney Ronay: Don't go! Why Wayne Rooney should think twice before leaving Manchester United
The Guardian: Kevin McCarra: Life without Wayne Rooney looks unpromising for Manchester United
The Sun: Ian Wright: I can't see Roo sitting in a cafe eating tapas while talking fluent Spanish to Real fans....
The Telegraph: Henry Winter: Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney should feel the love
The Daily Mail: Martin Samuel: The fall of ergie's empire? Rooney's ingratitude could be the final straw as Sir Alex looks like a man out of time
The Daily Mail: Ian Rush: Wayne Rooney would flourish in Spain... but he must think before leaving Manchester United