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From the Back Pages: 10/25/2010 Late Edition!

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A couple of things....firstly, I'd like to apologize again for not having a proper live thread up or doing a proper Match Report.  Either the schedule I looked at was wrong or I screwed up the time zones in my head.  I subscribe to but the full 90 minutes of the United match was in pretty poor quality, it was hard to tell who was who. 

Later today, I hope to put a preview of Wolves up ahead of tomorrow's Carling Cup tie and I'm also working on something in regards to several recent articles about Wayne Rooney, his parents, his agent and Sir Alex. 

Here's just a quick run through the headlines:


"It was a good goal,but the most important thing is that there are no heroes – it’s all about the effort of the team."

- Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez : ( | MEN | Sky | Daily Mail )

  • David Gills says United can compete with City: ( MEN | Sky | Guardian )
  • Maltese paper apologizes for misquoting Gary Neville: ( | Sky | BBC )
  • Chris Smalling seeks more playing time: ( | MEN )


  • The Daily Mail: Jamie Redknapp: New Manchester United fox Javier Hernandez is like a young Michael Owen
  • The Daily Mail: Martin Samuel: Rooney deal worked because Glazers gave Fergie his quick fix
  • The Daily Mail: Andre Marriner's big mistake saved Gary Neville from a red card


  • Fabio Capello won't play Rooney if he's not in form: ( Sky )
  • John Terry says Rooney's return is huge for United: ( Sky | Sun )


  • Evra looking forward to returning to Les Bleus ( Sky )


  • Supposedly, now that Sir Alex has £100m, Rooney wants him to get Wesley Sneijder: ( MEN )