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Weekend EPL Schedule - 11/20 - 11/22


Here's the when and who for week 14 of the Premier League. I'm fairly confident that Monday's fixture between Sunderland and Everton will be televised live, but I can't find who's doing it. ESPN2 has a live college basketball game in that time slot, so if I were to guess, I'd think it's on ESPN Deportes. Here's the delayed schedule for both the Premier League and the Championship:

Nov. 20 4:00pm FS+ West Brom vs. Stoke City
Nov. 20 5:00pm FSC Bolton vs. Newcastle United
Nov. 20 6:00pm FS+ Blackpool vs. Wolverhampton
Nov. 20 2:00pm FS+ Sheffield United vs. Crystal Palace
Nov. 21
5:00pm FS+ Coventry vs. Burnley