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From the Back Pages: 11/18/2010

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The Telegraph has a timeline of events that shaped the Glazers' ownership, while the Guardian answers some questions about it. 

Meanwhile, Jesse Chula from the mothership says United supporters are spoiled brats.  Sorry, I don't buy this.  Yeah, maybe some of the supporters that don't make it to Old Trafford for all the matches are acting like spoiled brats, but not everyone.

I'm sorry...I can't let this one go.  Yeah, United have been pretty successful since the Glazer takeover, but we've also seen what can happen to a top club with owners who don't understand the history or worse, don't care (see also: Liverpool).  United supporters don't want to go down that same road and the Glazer's haven't shown that United aren't headed down the same road.  We've enjoyed a sustained period of success...nearly 20 continuous years of either winning trophies or being in contention for said trophies...what's wrong with wanting to ensure that the club that so many people have spent years following and supporting is financially able to continue that? 

How is it wrong for us to question where this £220m is coming from?  Is it further loans?  Have the Glazers sold a minority share of the club?  Did they dip into their own personal fortune to pay this off?  These are questions the supporters should have every right to ask, given what's happened at Elland Road and Fratton Park over the last few years.  In a down economy, ticket prices continue to rise and yet, United still continue to show record losses, just to service the debts taken on by Glazer for his takeover.

People have spent the terraces and on the Stretford End supporting this club through thick and thin...that doesn't even begin to factor in the massive amounts of money those supporters poured into the club buying tickets and merchandise.  Just because some rich American comes along and buys the club, doesn't mean they don't have a right to ask questions of him.  In fact, it DEMANDS that we ask these questions, if we want to remain a top-level club for years to come.

I'm an American...I don't shy away from that.  I didn't grow up on the terraces, I didn't grow up singing in the Stretford End, but I can fully empathize with those that did and have seen the financial viability of the club go down the toilet while their ticket prices continue to rise.  Manchester United should be in a position similar to that of Real to buy and sell whatever player it wishes...not because of rich owners (see also: Chelsea and Manchester City), but because the club can sustain itself.

It is these reasons that I (metaphorically) stand with my brothers, sisters and cousins that wear the green and gold, the Red Knights and support FC United of Manchester.  My loyalty lies with the club, not with the ownership.

The only spoiled brats are the ones (possibly) running this club into the ground.  The ones that created this mess in the first place.



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"I’ve changed my mind – again. I’m in no mood for it. As long as my health is good, I intend to carry on.

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