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EPL Schedule: Round 11: 11/6 - 11/7


Quick reminder: Daylight Savings Time ends Saturday night, so we move back to our regular time difference to the UK on Sunday morning. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep, I will. This will be a quick turn around for the Premier League, as this marks the first time this season for mid-week league games. Here's the delayed schedule for the Premier League:

Nov. 6 1:00pm FSC Sunderland vs. Stoke City
Nov. 6
1:00pm FD Birmingham City vs. West Ham
Nov. 6
FS+ Blackpool vs. Everton
Nov. 7 10:30am FS+ Blackburn vs. Wigan
Nov. 7 5:00pm FSC West Brom vs. Manchester City
(FD=Fox Deportes; FSC=Fox Soccer Channel; FS+=Fox Soccer Plus)

In addition, the first round of the FA Cup begins this weekend:


That's the only live match from either the FA Cup or the Championship. Here's the delayed schedule:

Nov. 6 6:00pm FSC AFC Wimbledon vs. Ebbsfleet United
Nov. 6 7:00pm FS+ Harrow Borough vs. Chesterfield
Nov. 7 7:00pm FS+ Southport vs. Sheffield Wednesday
Nov. 6 3:00pm FS+ Derby County vs. Portsmouth
Nov. 7
12:30pm FS+ Cardiff City vs. Swansea City