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Manchester United Goals per 90 Minutes

Edwin van der Sar stops goals from happening.  Does that make him the anti-goal?
Edwin van der Sar stops goals from happening. Does that make him the anti-goal?
Owen 203 3 1.330
Bebe 244 2 0.738
Berbatov 1386 11 0.714
Hernandez 866 6 0.624
Park 1235 6 0.437
Nani 1625 6 0.332
Gibson 321 1 0.280
Obertan 350 1 0.257
Rooney 806 2 0.223
Macheda 513 1 0.175
Fletcher 1663 3 0.162
Giggs 616 1 0.146
Anderson 773 1 0.116
Scholes 1042 1 0.086
Carrick 1163 0 0.000
Valencia 450 0 0.000

Goals are a wonderful thing to have, be it personally, professionally or on the football pitch.  Finding ways to manipulate the numbers to draw conclusions is fun too.  Put them together and you end up with this post. 

Richard Farley from dot com wrote a FanPost a couple months ago showing the goals per 90 minute average of all the midfielders and forwards on United's squad.  I've updated it and my numbers include all club competitions since the beginning of the season, except the Charity shield. 

Obviously, this includes EVERYONE, but once you get past the "small sample sized" Michael Owen and Bebe, you're left with a delicious .714 and .624 from Dimitar Berbatov and Javier Hernandez respectively.  Ji-sung Park, who isn't normally thought of as a major goal scoring threat (only 1 time has he scored more than 6 goals in a season...2002 as a member of Kyoto Purple Sanga in the J-League) has hit a couple of crucial goals this year for a .437. 

And of course, all eyes continue to be focused on Wayne Rooney who hasn't scored a goal in open play since March.  His numbers are helped by a relative lack of minutes this season.

Take away from the chart what you want, but I'll tell you one thing: Berbatov and Hernandez are freaking lethal!