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From the Back Pages: 12/23/2010


Here's taking a look at the weather ahead of our upcoming matches.  The top image is the forecast for Manchester and the bottom picture is the two following days in Birmingham.  I'm no weatherman, but Sunday match with Sunderland looks like it could go off without a hitch.  Tuesday's trip to St. Andrews could be in some doubt if the weather system moves in on Sunday night.  Stay tuned as always.



  • Nani says Chelsea are the only team to challenge United for the Premier League: ( Sky )
  • Arsene Wenger hits back: ( Sky )
  • The team went and paid a visit to The Christie and the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital: ( )
  • Nemanja Vidic and Anderson expected to be ready for Boxing Day: ( Daily Mail )
  • Michael Owen fit for the holiday stretch and hoping to get some playing time: ( )
  • Van der Sar to be offered coaching role? I hope so: ( Sky )
  • Meet Barry Moorhouse, who has served the club for 43 years: ( )


  • Sometimes has doubts him himself as manager: ( Sky )
  • Planning on Edwin van der Sar's retirement: ( )
  • Impressed with Danny Welbeck so far this season: ( )
  • Has a warning for the media who misquotes him: ( )
  • Wants to be top of the table after the holidays: ( )
  • Sends the scouts out to look for replacements for Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs: ( MEN )


I still have not seen a release from Manchester United confirming this or even an announcement of any sort concerning their pre-season tour.  I will be extremely disappointed if  United skip the west coast again this year (namely, Los Angeles).

Barcelona announces trip to United States; will face Manchester United on 30 July in Washington, D.C.: ( FSC | Daily Mail )