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HIGHLIGHTS: Birmingham City vs. Manchester United

via Fox Soccer Channel

First of all, major apologies for the lack of build up and the lack of a live thread. I recently got hired and today (the 28th) was my first day. When I woke this morning to post the live thread for later in the morning, all my services (cable/internet/phone) were out in my neighborhood. Luckily for me, however, it appears that the boss seems pretty cool, I watched part of the match on the computer while getting some work done....hopefully that trend continues.

Unfortunately for Manchester United, late game collapses on the road came back rearing its ugly head and Birmingham City was able to escape with a point. It's unfortunate and while we may be looking at our neighbors in the council house at the top of the table, keep things in perspective: United have two games in hand (and six possible points) heading into the new year.