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Quick Chelsea Update

I'm hearing word that Owen Hargreaves may make the bench for the Chelsea. I wouldn't get your hopes up--in fact, never get your hopes up about Owen's recovery--but his return could be exactly what the midfield needs after that weak showing in Munich. John' O Shea may also be on the bench. Drogba is back for Chelsea, which could spell trouble. More news as I get it.

On a side note, I'm currently reading Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski. The book is mainly about the flaws of football as a business. But it has made me feel a little bit better about the Glazer situation. The point he made is that football clubs don't have to make a profit. Making a profit might not even be a good thing (see Tottenham under Alan Sugar's leadership in the 90's.) Clubs are more like a charitable trust than a real business, and the emotional attachment of fans is too big to let a club fail (most of the time). No real business is "too big to fail" (Lehman brothers, etc.)  but even as the loans grow bigger and the interest is too much to bear, Manchester United will be Ok. Somebody will save us. Don't know if that made you feel better or even made sense, but what the hell. It worked for me.