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Is it next season yet?

via <a href=""></a> Old Trafford empty is a melancholy sight
via Old Trafford empty is a melancholy sight

It's days like these that I can't stand. Football season is over for me and yet there are still games to be played. I won't be watching Fulham or Chelsea as they compete for trophies. I will be reading eulogies on the season that was for United. And I hate that. But it's seasons like this one that remind us all how good we have had it for the last 20 years. Just a couple of stories that caught my eye today.

There is a story floating around, although not from any credible sources, that Gary Cahill wants to join United. You can't blame him for that. What a great place to come develop as a player. Learning from the likes of Vida and Rio. If Cahill does arrive at Old Trafford he will join Evans and Smalling as the CB of the future. Or the right now depending on the future of Nemanja Vidic. Like Evra, more Real Madird rumors swirling around Patrice, I would hate to see Vida go. But if Sir Alex thinks the youngsters coming through are ready then let's cash in and use that money to strengthen other areas. SAF is usually very good at judging when it's time to give the younger players a change. 


The England squad for the World Cup is starting to take shape. Some of you probably aren't English, in fact technically I am not but I cheer for them since Canada isn't very good, but for me it's a little sad to see the lack of United players in the England squad. There was a time when 7 or 8 of the England party would be United players. Now it seems all the good English talent comes from Spurs and Villa. It's one of the reasons I would love to see the club sign Milner and Cahill. But also a reason I think Welbeck really needs to be given a shot. Not because he is English and I want to see him in the England squad representing United but more because English players like Rooney, Scholes, Rio and Neville are the bedrock of a championship caliber squad in the Premier League. I feel like you need that English presence so the other players know just how important it is to play for United. It's no surprise to me when Arsenal's Championship challenge always fades down the stretch while teams like United (Scholes, Rio, Rooney, Neville) and Chelsea (Lampard, Terry, Cole, Cole) get stronger towards the end of the campaign.


Rumors I have read today include Benzema being set for United. He was left out of the French squad for the World Cup and I think we might be able to get him for reasonably cheap. Also United will be playing a preseason, CAN NOT wait for preseason cause it means the real season is close to starting, in Dublin to open the Aviva stadium. Also it sounds like Foster might be on his way to Birmingham.