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More Transfer Speculation

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It's the very worst time of the year for a United fan. The transfer rumors swirling around the club can be laughable at times. Wayne Rooney to Barca for 80 million quid? I don't see anyway that is anything other than a completely fabricated rumor. Now it appears United are lining up a 51 million pound bid for Sergio Aguero. (The Daily Mirror is also reporting that we are interested in Ibrahimovic so take it with a grain of salt) A small fast Argentine forward? We had one of those and let him walk away. Can Aguero and Rooney co-exist on the the pitch? Is Aguero good enough to justify that kind of financial outlay? His goals to games ratio isn't the best and he is coming off a pretty pedestrian campaign from what I have heard. He is young though and has bags of ability. Just the kind of player that United normally like to go after. Aguero to United. What are your thoughts on that rumor?

A lot of papers, including the Daily Mirror, are still reporting that United and City are going to go to war over James Milner. There is a very interesting opinion piece in the Mirror that explains why Milner and United are perfect for each other. I have also been reading that Fergie doesn't care that Moyes is unwilling to sell Rodwell he is going to try to pries him away for roughly 15 million pounds. 


As a Canadian I am excited for United to be playing back in Canada this summer. And it will be a homecoming of sorts for Fergie. He has family living in Canada. He once said in his autobiography that he almost moved to Canada at one point. Thank God he didn't.


And it looks like the Red Knights bid to takeover United has fallen apart before it really got started.