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Holiday Monday confession

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It's confession time. I don't have the internet at home. In an effort to save money I sacrificed my connection to the world wide web. It's a decision that I immediately came to regret. Why not cut down on my TV bill and watch sports via online streams? That's a question I can not answer at this time. I will be rectifying the situation shortly. In the meantime I don't have access to the internet on weekends when I am not in the office so that is why I don't usually post anything on Saturday or Sunday. And today is technically a holiday here in Canada but I have managed to drag myself in to work to access the web and write something for you. You can thank me later. Manchester United has a running transfer rumor blog going and currently we have been linked with more than 20 players valued at over 500 million pounds combined. So remember when reading transfer rumors that most of, if not all of, the rumors you hear or read won't come true.

Jack Rodwell, who United fans covet, has signed a new deal with Everton and won't be coming to OT anytime soon. But it sounds like contract talks between Joe Cole and Chelsea aren't going well. And maybe aren't even happening anymore. Dzeko, Frey and Pienaar have all been linked with United in recent days as well. The thing I hate most about transfer rumors is that so many of them are fake and those rumors affect players and fans from other teams. Just as I get overly annoyed when Madrid, or any other team, are falsely linked to a United player so too do fans of other teams when their players are falsely linked to United. I can't wait for the season to start and the transfer window closes so the rumors go away for a couple months.

It's only going to get worse as the season is still months away from kicking off but at least we have the World Cup to distract football writers for a month or so. We are about three weeks away from the start of South Africa2010 and currently I am watching Argentina tune up by thrashing Canada, it's 3-0 at half time, with Tevez in fine form. The Argentinians look strong for the up coming WC. Messi, Tevez, and Milito are all in excellent form, Maxi Rodriguez and Di Maria are ripping Canada apart right now, heading into the World Cup and they have solid defensive cover and of course Javier Mascherano, who can't pass or shoot, does a good job breaking up attacks before they ever get to the back four. In other friendlies today England are playing OK from what I have seen, Wayne Rooneyhas looked bright, and currently lead 3-1 in the second half at Wembley. Recent United signing Javier Hernandez has come on as a sub. There were a handful of other matches today. Check out to see all the scores.

Finally, at this point it looks like Jose Mourinho is likely to depart Inter as soon as tomorrow. The Special One delivered the Champions League to the Inter fans who were desperate to win European Club Football's top prize. Now that his job is done it seems as though he will move on. His next likely stop? Real Madrid. That's the current rumor d'jour anyway. Mourinho with that squad could be scary but would his style of play alienate some of the Madrid players? Can a Mourinho side accomadate Kaka and Ronaldo at the same time? Not to mention all the other brilliant attacking players they currently possess and could go out and sign. My suspicion is that Mourinho has a bit of sartorial blood in him and he can tailor his style to his squad. The question I have for you is do you think Mourinho will ever end up at United? He has spoken of his desire to come back to England. He also wants to coach Portugal at some point. Will Mourinho go to Madrid for a couple years and then replace Fergie when he hangs them up? Do United fans even want Mourinho? Let's find out.