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The other day I was out for a pint and I had that crazy feeling that I had already experienced that moment. Obviously it wasn't the first time I had been to that pub and it wasn't the first time I had imbibed while I was there. But the conversation, the sports highlights on the TV, everything seemed so familiar. The French call it "already seen" and I was battling not to be overwhelmed by it. Luckily the feeling passed, as it always does, and I continuned to get drunk. It was a moment entirely unremarkable and unmemorable. The only reason I bring it up is because I am having the same feeling again today. Only this time it's Manchester United related. It seems that United are linked with "the new Kaka" Santos youngster Paulo Henrique. I am sure that it was at this point last summer that we were linked with "the new Kaka" only it was Douglas Costa. A player that United were never actually interested in, especially at the price being quoted, and who is now playing his trade in the Ukraine and not exactly setting the place alight. So this summer it's the new "the new Kaka" and again I doubt United are actually interested. Ganso, as he is known, is a promising young player with a pretty good goals to games ratio but lately it seems SAF would rather get youngsters who are still developing, like the Da Silvas and Paul Pogba, and bring them to Old Trafford early enough that the final stages of their development are infused with the Manchester United style. More transfer speculation and I doubt there is much truth to the story. But there is another developing story of interest and it may impact on United's summer transfer dealings.

The developing story is the fact that Javier Hernandez may not get a work permit. The youngster has "only" featured 9 times for his country and for some unknown reason getting a work permit in the UK has something to do with how many times you have represented your country. Now there are ways United can work around this lack of international caps and that is by claiming that they could not have found a similar player in Europe for the price, just 7 million pounds. And since they are saying in Mexico that Hernandez is a once in a generation talent United may be able to make this argument stick. Let's face it. Wayne Rooney was a once in a generation player in England and he cost close to 30 million quid. So hope is not lost but there is a chance that the move for Hernandez could be delayed or even canceled if he fails to get a work permit. If Hernandez returns to Mexico and 7 million pounds returns to United then perhaps Fergie turns his eye somewhere else. Like Brazil?



*A little off topic but everytime I read about someone named Hernandez it reminds me of the Saturday Night Live sketch with Will Ferrell in the Hot Tub. For osme reason the way they said Hernandez has stuck with me. I can't find the original sketch but this might jog your memories....



Back to more important topics.


The other story you might want to check out is about United meeting UEFA's new financial restrictions. It's ironic that a part of me wants United to be kicked out of the Champions League because it would force the Glazers to sell. It would be hard to swallow if United missed out on the top club competition in the world simply because of the size of the debt on our club but I support the Football authorities enforcing better fiscal management on clubs. And United have no divine right to be in the Champions League. It raises an interesting question. Would you be willing to suffer through a few years of United sucking to get the club out form under the Glazers debt? If Untied did a Leeds how many of you would stick around?