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Hernandez part II

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You have just got to love those English papers don't you? Yesterday it was doom and gloom for United and Hernandez. No work permit. He would be heading back to Mexico. Deal canceled. But wait. I wake up today, a little late after some boozing last night, to find that a work permit has been granted AND Chicharito popped one home last night in a friendly between Mexico and Holland. What a difference a day makes.


More after the jump including highlights of Holland Mexico.

Holland Vs Mexico 2-1 - All Goals & Match Highlights - May 26 2010 - International Friendly


Skip ahead in the video. The highlight of Hernandez scoring is in the last 30 seconds. Decent finish and you have to love the way he ghosted into the back posted undetected. I am going to be following Mexico closely at the World Cup to get a look at this kid.The work permit has been approved and Hernandez will link up with the United squad after the World Cup. Around 8 million pounds is the number I have heard. Looks like it could turn out to be a bargain.


In other news today United are being linked with want away Barcelona midfielder Yaya Toure. Toure is a very good holding midfielder and his signing could spell the end for Hargreaves at United. But as we know 99.99% of these rumors are false. So time will tell.





In World Cup news it seems there are even more reasons now to cheer for Argentina's demise. Maradona says he will go streaking if Argentina win the Jules Rimet trophy. There is so much I want to say here about Maradona but I will keep those opinions to myself. I will simply say that no one needs to see Maradona naked. No one.

Come on Everybody, Going Streaking


Very disappointing news today that Michael Essien will miss the World Cup. Hate to see top players missing this tournament and even though he snubbed United for Chelsea I have always thought very highly of Essien. Ghana has a solid squad but this is a huge blow. I really think this World Cup will be the year where an African team makes a run to the semi-final or final stages and Ghana was a threat to do that. The Ivory Coast could be the team to watch now.