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Spurs clinch Champions League Football

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Amazing scenes at Eastlands today as Spurs clinched an unlikely 4th place finish in the league. Before I get into what this means for City, Spurs and even United I want to say well done to Harry Redknapp. What a wonderful job he has done at Spurs this season. I've always had a soft spot for Spurs going back to 1999. Not to mention the 5-3 come from behind victory back in 2001. Plus it's amazing that our feeder club, relax Spurs fans it's just a joke, is now in the Champions League.



Firstly, for what this means for City. I think it means one more year of building before they are a true title contender. You have to imagine that the types of players they are able to attract is slightly altered based on the fact they aren't in the Champions League. Not to mention the fact that no one seems to know what is going to happen with Roberto Mancini and his future. If he stays does Carlos Tevez leave? Or vise versa? Or will they both be back happy to coexist and happy to play Europa League Football. Will players like Adebayor seek a move away from Eastlands in search of Champions League action or are they content to make ridiculous sums of money and take another run at the top 4 next season? It's going to be a very interesting couple of months for City.

As for Spurs as I said above well done. Tottenham in the Champions League is going to be fun to watch. I have always thought White Hart Lane is one of the more intimate and voluminous stadiums in England and on a major European night? Should be quite the din. Plus who wouldn't love to see Spurs draw Arsenal at some point for some Champions League games between those two bitter old rivals? How intense would that be? Congratulations to Spurs and their fans. They have the resources to really strengthen that squad which is already very strong. It should be a very interesting summer at the Lane as well.


As for United I think today's result does have an impact on the mighty Reds. If for no other reason than a player like Luka Modric, who is reportedly a United target, are much less likely to leave the Lane now. They can stay where they are comfortable and happy and still play Champions League Football. The best of both worlds. I was never certain that Modric would be arriving this summer, far from it, but I think this result makes it far less likely. Heck you never know, maybe they will want to buy Berba back now.


Ultimately it's good for the game to have someone other than the "Big 4" in the Champions League. It may be a while before you see Liverpool challenging for that spot as well. They are behind the likes of Spurs, City and even Villa and they don't have the finances or the manager to close that gap quickly. And at the end of the day today was a good day for United supporters.