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David Gill and more rumors


Well it's nice to see David Gill making more public statements about the Green and Gold protests. You have to think that the protests have gotten the attention of the Glazers and Gill since he seems to be answering questions about the Green and Gold more and more these days. I can respect what Gill said about fans owning the team. That's his opinion and he has a lot of experience. Of course, it might not be his opinion, it might be the party line but at this point it's hard to tell. The only part I have a problem with is trying to distance himself from direct quotes he made rather than adressing them and trying to spin the protests in a way that makes it seem like United are better off because of them. It might show we have a passionate fanbase but it also shows the fanbase isn't happy with the owners. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where the wishes of the supporters was respected? Or even paid attention to once in a while?

In the transfer rumor department today I read names like Mikael Arteta, Dodo, Yaya Toure, Joe Cole, and more. Harry Redknapp believes Joe Cole will leave Chelsea this summer. Some papers suggest that Cole will only arrive at Old Trafford if he dovetails well with Rooney in South Africa. I doubt SAF would place that much importance on a handful of matches but time will tell. England didn't exactly set the world on fire against Japan but a win is a win and Cole is a quality player.