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The people have spoken?

Scary how much that hat suits him <a href=""></a>
Scary how much that hat suits him

Interesting reports circulating that season ticket sales are down at Old Trafford. There are just 5 days to go before the deadline to renew season tickets and so far just 18,000 United fans have done so. At this time last year, with 5 days to go before the deadline, the figure was something like 30,000 who had renewed. So while it does seem that United fans aren't in a rush every year to renew their tickets, it also seems as though a portion of the season ticket holders have decided not to renew, or are still considering whether or not to renew. Now my feelings on the Glazers aside, not that it is easy to put those feelings to one side, I want to wait until the deadline has passed before I pass judgment. But I will say that it appears at least some United fans have made the ultimate sacrifice in their protest of the Glazer regime. Not death, worse than that, they are giving up their season tickets. With a wait list a mile long they may never get them back.


The only other story worth mentioning is Nemanja Vidic related. With the World Cup less than a day from kick off it seems Vidic's agent wants to make sure people are watching his client closely. It appears that United are not sure whether Vidic wants to stay in Manchester and neither is Nemanja. I have to say I am very, very torn on this issue. Part of me would never want to lose Vida and his aerial prowess. Plus he comes from Serbia and he'll f*cking murder ya. But if the club could get 30 million quid for him maybe a player like Shawcross or Cahill could come into the club and along with Smalling and Evans we would have our defense set for the foreseeable future. Plus it would be nice to have a completely "homegrown" defense to allow for more non-"homegrown" players in attacking positions.If the money is right and a replacement from the UK can be found, not a replacement necessarily as it would be hard to replace Vida but at least someone who could eventually be as massive as Vida, I think, and I can't believe I am about to write this, I could live with Vida moving on.


What do you think? Would you give up your season ticket to protest the Glazers knowing you may never get it back? Do you want to support those who do or do you think they are foolish? Would you let Vida leave? Who would you want to replace him? Answers on a postcard please.