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World Cup off and running: Chicharito makes late cameo

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It may be easy to say now that the match is over but I just don't get Football managers some times. Javier Hernandez was scoring for fun in the build up to the World Cup. Goals against Holland and Gambia should have been enough to prove that Chicharito was bang in form. Yet Mexico manager Aguirre decided to go with Blanco, Dos Santos and Vela up front. It was the 5th minute of the match when I first thought to myself, "Mexico would be a goal up if they had an out and out striker on the pitch". The Mexicans dominated the first 10 minutes but what they needed was a striker. A proper striker. On the shoulder of the last defender. Making darting runs in behind the defense. Drawing defenders out of position and generally just occupying the central defenders. All things that Chicharito would have done. And he did do those things as soon as he came on, way too late for Mexico to salvage a win, which played a role in the equalizer. I just don't get managers some times. It seemed so obvious from my living room.


By the way Mexico manager Aguirre, it's the World Cup. You don't have time to wait for players to hit top form. If a player is already playing well heading into the tournament you should play him.


Some other thoughts:


- I am already sick of the highly stylized super slow motion replays that the "directors" of World Cup matches seem so fond of. Just show me a quick replay and get on with the game.

- Another memo to World Cup directors, I don't need to see replays of both managers reacting to every decision by a referee and every half chance there team carves out. I understand that whenever there is a free kick one manager will be angry and one will be happy. I also understand that whenever there is a chance or shot on goal one manager will be relieved/pissed off/unhappy and the other will be experiencing the appropriate opposite response. No need to show the reactions every time.

- Opening ceremonies are almost always a waste of time. Today's World Cup opening was decent. Better than the Vancouver Winter Olympics but it will be a long time before anyone tops the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony.

- Pretty good start to the World Cup. Once the game got going in the last half hour it was end to end and breath taking. South Africa scored one hell of a beautiful goal and the scenes inside the stadium, and one imagines all over the country, were incredible. Can't wait for Uruguay and France. Hoping former Red Diego Forlan sticks it to the French.