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Evra leads France out against Uruguay

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Well I have to say I thought that was a pretty dull encounter. It seemed as though both teams were more concerned with keeping a clean sheet than posing an attacking threat. France was perhaps more adventuresome in the attacking third but were also incredibly wasteful. If Frank Ribery is world class then so am I. The guy slices more crosses than a division two full back.


Patrice Evra had very little to do but when called on defended well. He does have some work to do now as he is the captain and his team needs to rebound. This group was France's for the taking after this morning's draw and they weren't able to take advantage. Even with a man advantage for the last 10 minutes.


Some other thoughts:

- This result is good for Mexico and South Africa. After drawing this morning I am sure they would have been happy to see the other game end scoreless. The longer South Africa has a shot at moving on the more difficult they will be to beat.


- Wouldn't it be cool if France stared Sagna, Abidal, Evra AND Clichy? Why not start an entire back 4 without a natural central defender. It would be interesting to watch anyway.

- The Japanese Ref wasn't very good. I thought he got a couple of calls badly wrong and was inconsistent. He also passed out yellow cards more frequently than creepy guys in windowless vans pass out puppies.


- I need it to be tomorrow already. England v USA. I CAN NOT wait. Let's start the match right now!?!?