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Rooney, Vida and Park at the World Cup

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As I have mentioned before I don't have the internet at home so I do all my blogging from work. There was a lot of great action over the weekend in South Africa including England getting their campaign underway. Here are some thoughts on the weekends action:




- Argentina looked shaky at the back. No surprise there but I thought Nigeria, speaking of shaky at the back, deserved a goal for their efforts. Lot's of former United players in the Argie team including Veron who gave a masterclass in passing the the wrong team. That was a fun little reminder of old times, eh United fans?


- I didn't see South Korea play but they won and Park got on the scoresheet. Did any of you see it? Any reports on how Park looked in the match would be greatly appreciated.


- Vidic looked solid. I still think Serbia get through this group but they will need to beat Germany and will need Vidic to be at his best. He was solid from what I saw although I missed some of the match.


- England dominated the USA. Especially in the second half. It wasn't the most fluid performance from England and they had some stretches where they didn't look great with the ball at their feet but they carved out a crap ass load of chances. Lampard, Lennon, Crouch, and others should have scored. Why one of those decent chances couldn't fall to Rooney is beyond me. Maybe because he was creating those chances? England need to play 4-5-1 with Joe Cole on the pitch so he can create chances for Rooney. Should have be 4 or 5 nil for England.


- Rooney battled it out with Stevie G for man of the match honors for me. He was quiet in the first half hour but really grew into the game and had a blinder in the second half. That snap shot from distance was troubling Howard who wouldn't have got there if it had been on target. And if that Gerrard cross was an inch or two lower you felt that Rooney would have buried that chance. He was excellent though and almost everything England did that was good started with or went through Rooney at some point.