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Chicharito sinks Les Blues

Getty Images

Gonna keep it short as I am on holidays. Just wanted to pop in and mention Hernandez. Very composed finish from the Mexican and despite being borderline offside he finished ever so well.


United have signed a lot of young strikers in recent times, from Bellion to Diouf, but none have excited me like this kid. He looks a snip at 6 million quid. Could play with Berba in a 4-4-2 when Rooney is rested or used as an impact sub when we play the 4-5-1 formation. Who knows maybe he could even form a partnership with Rooney if Wayne wants to drop deep. He looks a good player and I am excited more and more when I watch him play.


Evra didn't look good today. I have no idea what's wrong with France but as captain Evra needs to get his team playing as a unit. Also, as I mentioned last time France play Ribery is very wasteful and has looked very, very poor in this tournament.