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Wazza transfer rumor

Rooney don't go via <a href=""></a>
Rooney don't go via

Today I am focused on one thing only. The transfer rumors swirling around Wayne Rooney. Now if you believe reports then Rooney is Jose Mourinho's top transfer target at Madrid. I have read that they plan to offer as much as 95 million pounds. I also read reports of Benzema plus cash for Wazza. I will get to my feelings on this in just a second. But in the interest of balance I should mention that there are also reports in Spain that Mourinho has told his Madrid bosses to forget about Rooney and concentrate on his targets. Milito, Gerrard and Maicon. It wouldn't make much sense for Mourinho to lure Rooney to Spain if he plans, as has been speculated everywhere, to take over at United when SAF moves on. He would then have to try to bring Rooney back to Old Trafford. Madrid always seem to sign my favorite United player though and that is why I am not feeling great today.

A couple of things scare me here. First of all the money being bandied about. Can the Glazers say no to 95 million pounds? You combine that with the 80 they got for Ronaldo and suddenly they have erased 175 million quid from their debt. I don't trust the Glazers as far as I can throw all of them. The other thing that scares me is just the thought of Wazza leaving. It wouldn't be the first time my favourite United player has left the club, as mentioned they always seem to head to Madrid, but for some reason there is something about Rooney that I can't imagine living without. That came out wrong. I can't imagine United without Rooney as he has become such a huge part of the club. I can't imagine what United would be like without Wazza and when I do briefly get an image of it I don't like what I see. No player is bigger than the club and all of that, but Wayne Rooney is close. He is the heart and soul of this squad and in my opinion he would be harder to replace than Ronaldo.

So a poll question is in order.