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South Africa 2010 continues.......

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So after spending the weekend fishing off the coast of Vancouver Island, and not catching anything, I am back on the mainland now. But again since I am on holidays this is going to be kept very short. England, I don't want to talk about it. I am still upset. John Terry is right by the way, 4-5-1 is the way to go with Joe Cole on the pitch. Funny it took me, Useful Idiot and John Terry less time to figure that out than Fabio Capello. But will he listen?


Ronaldo and Portugal finally looked good in the second half. Spain face a must win today and really they should beat Honduras. Brazil and Argentina look very good. This World Cup is shaping up to be a South American dominated event unless some of the struggling European and African nations can step it up.


It's been a mixed experience for United players so far in South Africa as well. Evra and Rooney have looked out of sorts and out of form while Park and Vidic have been good. Carrick hasn't seen the pitch much, if at all, and Tosic isn't a United player anymore. And of course the new boy Chicharito has been excellent.


So what have you enjoyed the most so far about the World Cup and the least as well? What will England do on Wednesday? Will the European teams like England, Germany, Italy and France get through to the next round? Let me know your thoughts on the World Cup so far especially from a United perspective.