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United 1:0 Union

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The problem with United being on tour in Canada and North America is that they play matches when I am at work. This also happens with occasional Champions League matches but I can usually take an extra long lunch break and still watch the whole game uninterrupted. But last night I was only able to watch the match in chunks as I was streaming it online at my desk.Therefore, I am unable to provide too many thoughts on the match as a whole. I thought that Philly did a good job making us work hard and actually kept the ball better at times than I was expecting. Their defending on the goal could have been better but what a ball from Welbeck. If he has a couple more impressive matches on this tour you would think Fergie will have to keep him around rather than sending him on loan. Here is a link to the match report on


If you saw the match live, on TV or in the stadium, let me know what you thought about the match as a whole and how you feel the preseason is coming along.