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Vida signs on the dotted line?

Nemanja Vidic...he came from Serbia...he'll f*cking murder ya!!
Nemanja Vidic...he came from Serbia...he'll f*cking murder ya!!


This is a very happy day for United supporters the world over. Nemanja Vidic has signed, well he hasn't signed yet but he has agreed a deal, on for another 3 years tying him to the club until 2014. This is great news for United fans. Vidic has been the rock of our defense and our title wins for the last 4 years. Rumors had been flying that Vidic wanted to leave, or that his wife wasn't happy in Manchester, but this should keep teams like Real Madrid from sniffing around Vidic for a couple of years. I can't think of a better player to have Johnny Evans and Chris Smalling learning from either.


It's apparently a 90,000 pound a week deal, which is less than he could have got by leaving, which tells me a lot about Vidic and how happy he is in Manchester. To me there is no better central defender in England and I am thrilled with this news.


Apparently the club is going to work out a new deal for Rooney as their next order of business. Locking up Rooney to a long term deal is the only thing that could have me more pumped up right now. I am chuffed to bits as they say.