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Fergie protects his Bebe and West Ham preview

The old master still knows how to protect and motivate his players (Photo by Jason Cairnduff-Pool/Getty Images)
The old master still knows how to protect and motivate his players (Photo by Jason Cairnduff-Pool/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I thought I would start with a classic example of why Sir Alex is one of the top managers in the history of the game. The man is just an absolute genius when it comes to man managing and his reaction to the reports surrounding Bebe were pitch perfect. This is why the players at this club perform to such a high level so often. Even if the reports were true by coming out strongly in support of the young player Fergie has shown Bebe that he is at a club where the manager will protect him. I mean honestly at this point who could this young man not give everything he possibly has on the pitch to try to thank Fergie. The other players see this as well and most of them have experienced it. It's very rare when Fergie gets this sort of situation wrong. He supports them when they need it and kicks them up the back side when they need it. It worked with Nani and I am hoping this season we will see the results with Anderson as well.


So on to the West Ham match this weekend. A match that we should win. A match that we need to score some goals in as well. But the thing with West Ham is that they really get up for United. We are their cup final as the old expression goes. We at Old Trafford though which helps so long as the fans don't get too anxious too early. West Ham used to be a bit of a bogey side for United including an embarrassing FA Cup defeat some years back when Paolo Di Canio made Barthez look a little foolish.But recent results really favor United. With 5 straight wins and only one goal allowed in that time. West Ham are also coming into the match in really bad form. So what does that all add up to? Probably a nail biting one-nil United win. Ideally a 3 or 4 nil victory and a goal for Rooney.


West Ham look set to go with a 5 man midfield and a lone striker and will most likely play defensively forcing United to break them down. It also appears as though Paul Scholes, our chief midfield breaker downer, could be rested with Ryan Giggs drawing into the game from the start. Rooney looks set to partner Berba up front. For West Ham the key men will be Parker and Noble two very good players in the middle of the park. If they can keep the battle in the middle of the park fairly even it will give West Ham an outlet for some attacks. If not? West Ham will spend most of the match defending in their own half.


Any predictions? I am going to say 3-0 with two for Rooney and one for Berba.