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Does United have a drinking problem?

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Now let me start by saying I don't have a problem with players have a few drinks during their holidays. They are under a lot of pressure during the season and they sacrafice a lot to be in top shape so if they get a few weeks off after the world cup and want to unwind with a few beer I have no problem with it. And I get that for the most part it's just tabloids who drag these things up and make it seem like Wayne Rooney being out on a Saturday night having a drink is a big deal. If he returns to training Monday then Saturday is still time off and there is no reason he shouldn't be out enjoying himself. I have no worries when it comes to Wayne Rooney and his desire to be a top player and be on the pitch.

But in the wake of the recent Anderson all night party and car crash I am wondering if you are concerned that United players seem to be out on the town enjoying themselves a little too much lately? Is it something that bothers you or concerns you?

Let's have a poll

It seems that United may be after the German Mesut Ozil but are unwilling to reach Bremen's asking price. The player has asked the club to lower that price so he can move to England. Let's hope something gets done because I think Ozil could be a good long term replacement for Scholes.

Oh and it looks like Danny Welbeck will be going out on loan to Sunderland for the season. That's the rumour at the moment. IF he gets regular action in the Premier League then I am happy to see him go to the North East. It will help him immensely as a player.