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Strike force United style

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So on the evidence of Sunday's match United seem to have more fire power up front this season. Hernandez won't stop scoring, Berba has looked sharper this pre-season than he did most of last season, and Rooney was lively in the first half and set up a goal. Owen is the 4th/5th choice depending on Macheda. So do you think United have enough fire power up front this season? We were derailed last season when Rooney went down. Do you worry about that happening again? Let me know in the comments section.


For my part I think Hernandez is going to be a steal and will have a nice season of around 15 goals. Berba should be around that mark again. So I still think, unless Nani and Valencia score more, that we will need Rooney to get around 30. He certainly is capable of hitting those highs again and I think he will. I am concerned if he gets hurt that we will again struggle for goals. I don't think you can expect Chicharito to have a consistent season in terms of goal scoring in his first year in European football. He seems like he can score in bunches but I would expect a couple of longish droughts.


So my conclusion. I think we just about have enough goals if Macheda can get some more minutes and find the back of the net with some regularity.