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Open Thread: Sandy Turnbull edition

Sandy and his mates show off some hardware
Sandy and his mates show off some hardware

We have decided to start a daily open thread. Feel free to post anything in here that you feel like chatting about. From the game yesterday to what you ate for dinner last night and everything in between. Today's open thread is brought to you by Sandy Turnbull. For more on Turnbull check out this, this, and this. As a massive Untied supporter and a history buff who actually majored in history at university I find Sandy Turnbull very interesting and his story fascinating. He also helped bring about the first real trophy laden spell in United's history. Plus was involved in player unions and he played and kind of looks similar to Wayne Rooney. How can you go wrong?


In order to spur on some conversation I figured I would throw in a question as well. Goals aside what is one thing you love to see on the pitch? For me it's a thumping defensive header. Power, athleticism and determination all rolled up into one nice package. When Vidic thumps the ball clear with his head and maybe crunches an opposing striker while doing it? Not much gets the blood pumping more than that.