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Post Match Reaction Thread: Blackpool 2-3 Manchester United

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WOW... heart of lions... heart of champions!

A few quick thoughts, I'll have the post-match review up later today...

1st Half:

* Blackpool's insane pressing/high-line KILLED us

* Fletcher got killed by Adam, got dragged out of position and left Gibson isolated to do too much

* Interchanging/running of Blackpool attackers confused United's defense... Blackpool winning the ball back high the up the pitch didn't leave United time to organize

2nd Half:

* With the lead and that intensity of pressing not sustainable, Scholes+Giggs had time on the ball... not good for Blackpool when playing high line. The 2 legends found space behind the defense for Chicharito and Nani to run onto.

* This worked better with Chicharito because he plays higher. Rooney played too deep to make consistent runs behind that high line

* Adam fatigued, but Fletcher defended him better with more discipline. Knowing he had a 2 man central midfield the 2nd half forced him to be better disciplined positionally.

* Berba.... big goals and on the road... I hope the pundits quit sippin' on the haterade for a bit

* I don't know if there's a sports team out there in the whole world that is collectively as mentally tough as this United team.... I'm amazed by their heart

* Kudos to Blackpool... Hell of an effort