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POST-MATCH REACTION THREAD: Manchester City 6-1 Manchester United

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I'm in shock. I really have no idea what to say nor do I have any words to effectively console anyone. This one has gutted me. This was humiliating. United started brightly but were lacking a final product inside the first half hour. This continued. Mario Balotelli opened the scoring for City in the 22nd minute against the run of play -- and it was relentless after that. The goals kept pouring in. United supporters likely kept pouring drinks. 

I'm really trying to find some sort of positive angle here but I'm struggling. Perhaps it is fortunate that this occurred early in the season. Going forward, United just need to claw out three points every match and keep faith in the famous resolve of the club. It also should be kept in mind how fluid the world of football is. Things can change in an instant and being constant in resolve often is all the difference. The reality though is this ... City has certainly arrived and are five points clear. United need to grind out results and hope for a chance at revenge down the road. This is certainly a terrible day but do not panic -- it is still only October. The title chase is far from over. There is too much fight in United and their supporters.