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HIGHLIGHTS: or maybe more appropriately, 'lowlights' from Manchester United 1-6 Manchester City

I have no idea if many of you really want to re-watch the 'lowlights' from today's derby. Perhaps it is therapeutic in some odd way. Perhaps it is simply mean by me to post this. Perhaps you're a glutton for punishment. If it is the latter, you're in luck! 

In the most highly anticipated Manchester derby in some time, Roberto Mancini and his Manchester City side made a statement. They used a cautious approach early on but after Mario Balotelli opened the scoring in the 22nd minute against the run of play, the rout was on -- he later would get his brace in the 60th minute. Sergio Aguero made it 3-0 to effectively seal the match in the 69th minute. Manchester United's Darren Fletcher pulled one back in the 81st minute on a beautiful farpost curler. But the 'noisy neighbours' struck for 3 more goals amazingly near stoppage time -- United were opened up from chasing goals and City tore them apart. 

Here is footage from the match: