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POST-MATCH REACTION THREAD: Manchester United 1-1 Newcastle | a Krul 90 2nd half


I have never have anything of substance to say in these post-match reaction threads. Quite obviously, I'm reactive one way or another. That 2nd half was one of the wildest I've ever experienced as a football fan. It had brilliance, cruelty (or Krulty if you prefer), criminal referee decisions, brave defending from our opposition.... name it, it had it all... except for a fair result. It is also 3 2 MASSIVE POINTS DROPPED (edit: feels like 3 though) while Manchester City were already 5 points clear coming into the match. It is a sick feeling hoping that Liverpool gets some sort of result tomorrow.

Javier Hernandez (Chicharito) scored a fortunate goal and it was Manchester United's only one. They deserved more. For all the talk amongst cynical football fans and lazy writers that United get all the calls, I say watch today's penalty decision and the 2010 title decider against Chelsea. No matter how you feel about United and the treatment they receive from referees, no one can deny that today's penalty decision against Rio was criminal. He was punished for a brilliant tackle. I have very little else to say. Feel free to vent here in the post-match thread. Bonus points if you have something intelligent to say. I won't have a tactical review up until at weekend's end... I need some time to cool off. Fergie's post-match words should be quite interesting....