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Sir Alex Ferguson appreciation thread

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Today is 25 years at Manchester United for manager Sir Alex Ferguson and I have been wondering what I could possibly write for this occasion. I simply cannot write anything that is worthy of this great man and his legendary career. There has never been anyone like him nor will there be another like him ever again. He is greatest manager in football history. He is arguably the greatest manager/coach in the history of sport.

There have been countless pieces written about Fergie this week and I figured I'd compile some of these links for your reading pleasure. Feel free to share your thoughts, memories, and appreciation for the United boss in the comments below. Below is Fox Soccer's discussion of Fergie's legendary career and below that are the links. Feel free to link any other good reads that you may have come across.

<a href="" mce_href="" target="_new" title="">FSMD: 25 years of greatness</a>

* 'The Secret Footballer' opines on Fergie. {Guardian}

* Richard Jolly discusses ... Is Fergie the greatest?. {ESPN Soccernet}

* Will Tidey chronicles his career. {ESPN Soccernet}

* Daniel Taylor says Fergie will never really leave United behind. {Guardian}

* Former United defender Gary Pallister shares his thoughts on his former manager. {ESPN Soccernet}

* A photo gallery of the 25 years. {Manchester Evening News}

* Fergie's 25 biggest rivals. {M.E.N.}

* A timeline of Fergie's 25 years. {Guardian}

* 25 fun facts about Fergie. {M.E.N.}

* 25 famous quotes. {M.E.N.}

* Becks offers up his appreciation. {Telegraph}

* Robbo says Fergie knew when to sell. {Telegraph}

* Sir Alex compared to Alexander The Great. {In Bed With Maradona}

* Fergie's vision for the club in 1986. {ManUtd24 blog}

* Was Fergie different prior to United? {In Bed With Maradona}

* Tributes from friends and colleagues. {ESPN Soccernet}

* A hilarious (and fictional) collection of tributes for Fergie. {Dirty Tackle}