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Highlights: Manchester United 4-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers

It has been seven successive matches -- and eight of the past nine -- where Manchester United has only scored a single goal in Premier League action. In addition, the Reds are off a difficult midweek that saw them fail to reach the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League for the first time since the 2005/06 season. Saturday at Old Trafford, in a league clash with Wolverhampton Wanderers, provided a bit of therapeutic relief from these struggles. Nani scored the opening goal inside the 17th minute when he cut back a shot to beat Wolves' goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey in the bottom corner. Just 10 minutes later, striker Wayne Rooney did his best to replicate Nani's goal by striking an attempt from a similar area and finishing in the same bottom corner. Wolves' Steven Fletcher provided moments of tension when he pulled a goal back near the start of the 2nd half. However, Nani provided a cushion when he bagged his brace in the 56th minute. Rooney soon matched his teammate to score United's 4th goal in the 62nd minute. The Reds -- who currently sit 2nd in the league table -- closed Manchester City's gap to two points ahead of the 'noisy neighbours' Monday night tie with Chelsea FC at Stamford Bridge. Have at 'em Andre Villas-Boas!