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Manchester United transfer rumors: A €30 million offer has been made for Nicolas Gaitain according to reports *UPDATED*

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Benfica's Nicolas Gaitan is reportedly a €30 million target for Manchester United.
Benfica's Nicolas Gaitan is reportedly a €30 million target for Manchester United.

Manchester United apparently have offered Benfica €30 million for midfielder Nicolas Gaitan according to Ole, Argentina's biggest newspaper*. The 23-year-old signed a new five-year deal with Benfica in October and his release cause is believed to be in the region of £40 million. United faced Benfica twice this season during the group stages of the UEFA Champions League, therefore, manager Sir Alex Ferguson certainly was able to get an up-close view of this supposed transfer target. In addition, according to a report by Mark Ogden of the Telegraph in October, Gaitan has been watched on numerous occasions by United's scouting team.

* Report is in Spanish

In both matches versus the Reds, Gaitan was deployed as a narrowly positioned wide midfielder. He is thought to be more a creative player that operates in the space between the lines as opposed to being a true winger. In six Champions League matches this season for Benfica, the Argentine provided 5 assists.

For rumors such as these, reliability is always an obvious issue so I would caution your belief. However, TBB will keep you posted as updates come in in regards to Gaitan.

*UPDATED 11:58pm GMT* After the jump is a Spanish to English translation of Ole's report via 'Google Translate'....

"Manchester United will charge by Nico Gaitan offer 30 million euros to bring in Benfica. Good news for Boca, who would stay with six clubs for the transfer.

After the acclimation cost, Nicolas Gaitan finally found his place in Portugal. Playing as a kind of in Benfica midfielder, replacing Di Maria, the former Boca had a great season at the club, responding with goals and, most importantly, with assistance: the maximum asistidor of the Champions League. And his performance attracted the Euro: Manchester United would be willing to put 30 million to take him.

Nico, 23, was probed by several clubs in Europe, but the one who initiated the talks to make a concrete offer is the United. The British saw him in action: Gaitan attended Cardozo Tacuara goal for Benfica's 1-1 against the Reds in the Champions League and also played in the 2-2 Old Trafford.

The news also rebound in Boca: the club, when he sold to Benfica Gaitán about 10 million, was left with 20% of the pass. Now, if the transfer takes shape, about six million would go into the coffers xeneizes. Yes, a kid negoción emerged from the Lower ..."

- Source: Ole after a Spanish to English translation via 'Google Translate'

Quite obviously, things get lost in translation when using 'Google Translate.' According to Daniel Colasimone's Twitter account -- an Argentina-based Australian journalist -- it's possible the Spanish translation means "set to offer" or "would offer."