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Give us your questions! -- Wigan Athletic edition

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* Editor's note: I've bumped this up in case anybody else wants to get in questions. This post got bumped down quickly due to the news of Luiz Suarez's ban.

First up is Fulham tomorrow night but ahead of Manchester United's Boxing Day fixture on Monday versus Wigan Athletic, we are taking your questions for a Q&A exchange with Pie Eaters Footie -- the Lactics site here on SB Nation Soccer. Wigan currently sit 18th in the league table -- which puts them in the relegation zone -- but they are on a run of good results as of late. Last week they earned a 1-1 at the DW Stadium versus Chelsea FC and prior to that, they earned the full three points away to West Bromwich Albion.

Let us know what questions that your may have. Are you curious about manager Roberto Martinez and the rumors that he turned down Aston Villa during the past summer? Do you want to know what their fan's ambitions are for this season? Do you want to know which flavor of pie that their writers prefer? Give us your questions!

Be sure to check out Pie Eaters Footie this week for all your Wigan news.