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Give us your questions! -- Newcastle edition

This man was superb against Manchester United at Old Trafford
This man was superb against Manchester United at Old Trafford

Perhaps thankfully -- so that we can put Blackburn in the rear view as soon as possible -- the league fixtures are coming fast and furiously and the next one up is a midweek trip away to Newcastle United. It was just five weeks ago when Manchester United battled the Magpies to a controversial 1-1 at Old Trafford when the visitors were awarded a dubious penalty. We are at the exact half-way point of the Premier League season so the reverse fixtures are up and the random computer drawing has United starting the 2nd half of the season at St James Park Sports Direct Arena. Ahead of this tie, Coming Home Newcastle -- SB Nation Soccer's Newcastle fansite -- have been kind enough to once again do a Q&A exchange with us ahead of the visit to Tyneside. As always, we leave it to you -- the readers -- to provide the majority of the questions for this Q&A.

What do you want to know? What changes are you curious about since our last encounter in late November? Do you want more information about their injuries? Or are you curious on their thoughts for their side in regards to the upcoming January transfer window? Have at it!