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Sir Alex Ferguson Hit With Five Game Ban

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The FA have handed down a five game ban to Sir Alex Ferguson after comments he made about Martin Atkinson following Manchester United's 2-1 defeat away to Chelsea on the 1st of March.  He was also fined £30,000. 

After Atkinson failed to issue David Luiz a second yellow card when he tripped Wayne Rooney, Ferguson told MUTV:

You want a fair referee, or a strong referee anyway - and we didn't get that.  I must say, when I saw who the referee was I feared it. I feared the worst.

Technically, Ferguson was only hit with a three game ban, plus the two games that were suspended from last season when he questioned referee Alan Wiley's fitness.  The ban does not start until the 22nd of March, so he will be in the dugout for Saturday's game against Bolton.

He will then miss matches against West Ham, Fulham, Everton, the FA Cup Semi Final against Manchester City and the Arsenal game on 1 May, depending on when the Newcastle United game is rescheduled.